The race for a Democratic governor is on.  In the next month, three of the candidates will be visiting Shawano County. 
   On Monday, September 18, Mike McCabe will be at the Civic Center in Shawano from 6:00-8:00 pm.  The Exploring Now Book Club has invited him to come to discuss his book, Blue Jeans in High Places, The Coming Makeover of American Politics.  Even if you haven’t read his book, you are invited to witness the discussion of the progressive ideas that are presented in his book.
   On Wednesday, September 20, Andy Gronik will be speaking at the Civic Center at 7:00 pm ahead of the Shawano Dems’ meeting. Andy is a businessman who believes he has the ideas to make Wisconsin a global leader with good-paying jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture.
   The third candidate, Senator Kathleen Vinehaut, is from Buffalo County.  Senator Vinehaut will be the keynote speaker at the Shawano Dems’ Fall Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, October 7, at the Shawano Lake Golf Course.  She has been traveling the state talking about her alternative budget which uses taxpayer money in a manner which is fair to all Wisconsinites.
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   At the next meeting of the Shawano Dems, local resident Ellen Ramlet will have a presentation which will reflect the research she has done for the Shawano Historical Society on the political history of Shawano and Shawano County.  The meeting will be on August 16th at the Shawano Civic Center at 7:00 pm. 
   Also speaking at the meeting will be Beau Liegeois, a candidate for the 8th Congressional District in the 2018 election.  Beau is a Assistant District Attorney in Green Bay.  He is also a reservist in the WI National Guard.
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July 19th Meeting

The next meeting of the Shawano Dems will be held at the Mohican Veterans Lodge at W12790 County Road A near Bowler.  Speakers include Nikki Javarek, a surrogate for the Tammy Baldwin campaign, and Angel Montes, Community Outreach Director for the Democratic Party of WI.  The meeting begins at 7:00 pm.   If you wish to car pool, call Jan at 715-526-2955 or email    We will be meeting at 6:05 pm and leaving from the Civic Center parking lot promptly at 6:10 pm.

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One Wisconsin Now is a progressive voice on many issues.  It’s Executive Director, Scot Ross, will speak at our June 21st meeting about the Voter ID law which is being challenged in the courts.  He will also give us some messaging training so that when we want to persuade others, we will be more effective in our conversations.  He will speak at 7:00 pm at the Civic Center.
If you want to participate in one action every week, the internet site is:

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Mike McCabe will be speaking at two events in Shawano County on Wednesday, March 17th.  His first stop will be at the Historic Depot in Eland where a pot luck will be held at 5:00 pm.  He will speak at 5:30pm and then travel to the Shawano Civic Center where he will speak at 7:15 pm.  The public in invited to attend.

McCabe is the founder of a nonpartisan group, Blue Jean Nation.  He is the author of the book Blue Jeans in High Places:  The Coming Makeover of American Politics.  Blue Jean Nation works to promote the transformation of the democratic institutions that are failing America and reinvigorate our republic through community outreach, civic education, grassroots organizing, public policy advocacy and social action.

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January/February 2017 Newsletter


January 18th:  Environmental concerns are abundant both locally and nationally.  We will be having Native American speakers address the following topics at 7:00 pm at the Shawano Civic Center (225 S. Main St.)

  •    The Menominee Nation is concerned about the ground water issues that could affect Wisconsin if gold and other metals are allowed to be extracted in open pit and shaft mines.
  •    Many of the local Native Americans have visited Standing Rock in North Dakota and we will hear about their experiences.

Come and learn more about these topics.
February 15th:  The movie “Requiem for the American Dream” will be shown to the public at 7:00 pm at the Civic Center.  Naom Chomsky, one of America’s most important thinkers, narrates the ten principles that have brought our county to its present state.  It traces the origins of our democracy and how it has evolved through history.
Following the showing there will be a discussion of the ideas in the film and their importance for future Democratic goals.

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Newsletter July, 2016 MEET THE ORGANIZERS

The state party has been hiring several new organizers who will help with the Nov. election. Becky Dickman is a field organizer for the Tom Nelson campaign.  Meg Sievert is an organizer for the northern part of the 8th Congressional District.  You will have an opportunity to meet them at the membership meeting on July 20.  They will be speaking at 7:00 pm. at the Civic Center.

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Shawano County Democrats Newsletter – May, 2016


Several people have declared their candidacy for the November election.

Tom Nelson is running for the 8th Congressional District’s open seat.  He is currently the County Executive for Outagamie County.
John Powers will seek to unseat Robert Cowles for the 2nd State Senate District.  John is a retired teacher who previously ran for the 6th District Assembly seat.
Dave Polashek would like to represent the 12th State Senate District which includes the Shawano County townships of Washington and Green Valley and the village of Cecil.  He is the past superintendent of the Oconto Falls School District.
William Switalla is wanting to defeat Gary Tauchen in the 6th Assembly District.  He is a businessman who is on the Shawano County Board and the president of the Village of Wittenburg.

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Shawano County Democrats Newsletter – March/April, 2016

It’s Election Time

April 5th is just around the corner and the excitement is growing.
Vote-Artwork-No.-2Not only are Presidential candidates being chosen but there are also other races. Two candidates who are challenging existing county board members are Roger Miller from District 20 (township of Bartelme, part of Red Springs and the village of Bowler) and Tom Madsen from District 20 (parts of the townships of Herman and Red Springs and the village of Gresham). William J. Switalla is running for re-election from District 24. Justice JoAnne Kloppengburg has emerged as one of the two candidates who be on the ballot as a Supreme Court Judge. She vows to be non-partisan, independent and free from special interests. Be sure and vote!

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Democratic Party of Shawano CountyNewsletter November/December 2015

Candidate Fundraiser

Members of the Shawano County Democratic Party are sponsoring a chili dump on Dec. 2 at the Civic Center (225 S. Main St.) beginning at 6:00 p.m. This is an opportunity to meet those individuals who have announced their candidacy for State Assembly and Senate races and to contribute to their campaigns. Attending will be 6th Assembly Candidate Bill Switalla., a businessman from Wittenburg. Two State Senate candidates will also be there. Travis Bille from Kaukauna is running for the 2nd District seat. He is the 8th Congressional District’s elected representative to the WI Administrative Committee for the DPW. Dave Polashek, the past superintendent of the Oconto Falls School District, is a candidate for the 12th Senate District.

This event will also be a chance for progressives to get together at this festive time of year and have some fun! Cookies, apple cider and egg nog will also be served along with the chili. Plan to attend.

Election Information

If you would like to be a Poll Worker or Observer, you will need to contact your township, village or city clerk by Nov. 30th.

The deadline for the Declaration of Candidacy for the spring non-partisan elections to the county board, to a city or village office, or for a school board position is January 3rd.

If you don’t have a picture ID for voting, you can obtain one free of charge at a Division of Motor Vehicle office. It may take a while to receive it.

If you would like to be a part of Bernie Sander’s or Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President, there are active groups working throughout the state. Please contact Jan Koch to find out more. A Bernie Sanders Convention is being held on Dec. 6 at UW Stevens Point.

Other Information

Dec. 12: Listen to the Shawano Dems on the Breakfast Club on WTCH radio 960 AM or 96.1 FM from 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Officers Information: Jan Koch, Chair 715-526-2955 Rick Adamski, 1st Vice Chair 920-833-6704, Dan Weidner, 2nd Vice Chair 715-250-1212.

Website: Facebook: Shawano County Democrats