September’s Op-Ed on Election Integrity.  It will appear in the Shawano Leader on Friday, Sept. 18th.

The cornerstone of a democracy is the people’s right to elect their leaders.  It is vital that our elections are safe and secure.

Today the majority of people in our country get their news from social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  They are exposed to a daily dose of hoaxes, rumors, conspiracy theories and misleading news.  When it’s all mixed in with reliable information from honest sources, the truth can be very hard to discern.

Facebook has echo chambers where a person only encounters information or opinions that reflect and reinforce their “own opinions”.  Facebook is a private company controls the content you see according to algorithms and commercial interests.  When a single company which controls the news content for the majority of the population, the possibility of abuse is rampant.

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We have yard signs for Joe Biden, Amanda Stuck, Richard Sarnwick (6th Assembly District), Ed Vocke (12th State Senate) and Aaron Damrau (Independent candidate for District Attorney). We are open if you see the “Democratic Party of Shawano County” sign outside the office.

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Talking Points on Gov. Evers’ Face Mask Requirement

    • COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has already taken the lives of more than 900 people in our state and more Americans than the Vietnam War.

    • Time is of the essence in responding to a crisis, and Gov. Evers and Democrats have worked quickly to respond to the challenges our state is facing because of COVID-19.

    • Our work to fight COVID-19 began several months ago, and what we learned pretty quickly is that our state’s response needed to rival the speed and strength of the virus we are up against.

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Monopoly Mayhem: Corporations Win, Workers Lose

Since the start of the pandemic:

— Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth has grown by 59 percent

— Jeff Bezos’ wealth has grown by 39 percent

— The U.S. has added 29 more billionaires

— 45,500,000 Americans have lost their jobs

— 20,000,000 Americans are at risk of eviction

The system is rigged, folks.

Monopoly Mayhem: Corporations Win, Workers Lose

Since the start of the pandemic:— Mark Zuckerberg's wealth has grown by 59 percent— Jeff Bezos' wealth has grown by 39 percent— The U.S. has added 29 more billionaires— 45,500,000 Americans have lost their jobs— 20,000,000 Americans are at risk of evictionThe system is rigged, folks.

Posted by Robert Reich on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Vos Blames Immigrants for COVID Outbreak

Racine’s Latino county supervisor calls on Vos to resign. Community demands apology.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, blamed immigrants for the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in Racine County in racist and false comments made during a May 14 call with Gov. Tony Evers.

“Frankly, I know the reason, at least in my region, is because of a large immigrant population, where, you know, it’s just a difference in culture where people are living much closer and working much closer,” Vos told Evers as he argued against a statewide response to the pandemic.

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Tom Tiffany, Wisconsin’s newly elected congressman, wastes no time in declaring war on education in the middle of a pandemic.

Tim Tiffany, Wisconsin’s newly elected Republican congressman, introduced legislation Thursday that would cut off schools’ federal funding if they do not reopen by Sept. 8.

Tiffany is co-sponsoring the “Reopen Our Schools Act” with Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks. The bill would require schools to reopen with all their normal operating procedures by Sept. 8. Schools that remain closed or that move forward with virtual learning instead of in-person classes would be denied federal funding for the 2020-21 school year.

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Our Wisconsin Revolution

Wisconsin became a national laughingstock when some knuckleheads bellied up to the bar after the Supreme Court struck down the state’s “safer at home” order.

The real embarrassment was the court ruling itself. State law in Wisconsin grants broad authority to the governor’s state health secretary to “close schools and forbid public gatherings in schools, churches and other places to control outbreaks and epidemics” and “authorize and implement all emergency measures necessary to control communicable diseases.”

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