Shawano Dems News Update

March Meeting Reminder

Wed., March 17th
7:00 pm

Zoom link below

Jay Heck, Executive Director of Common Cause

Jay will speak about the voter suppression measures being introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature and about the fair maps redistricting process.

Contact us for Log In information.


For Our Future is a grassroots group calling voters across the state, reminding them about the election on April 6th.

Throughout the month, they are spending every Tuesday night hosting a fun virtual phone bank to educate voters about the candidates for the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) race and encourage them to request their absentee ballot ahead of the April 6th election.

Sign up for our next phonebank- March 16th @ 5:15pm- now!  They will also be texting on March 23rd  and 30th.

This year, we have a chance to elect Jill Underly, a state superintendent of schools who cares about all students and teachers, and who will take the necessary steps towards getting them back in the classroom safely and effectively.

Letter to the Editor

Below is a letter that was on the online Shawano Leader.

Can White people claim they’re not racist?

Published by andynewsengin on Thu, 03/11/2021 – 11:16am

To the editor:

Based on certain events of the past year including the infamous George Floyd affair, it has become increasingly embarrassing for me to be a White man in America. I have put a considerable effort into learning more about how deeply racism is ingrained in our society. I have come to agree that racism is systemic and that each White American bears a portion of the collective responsibility.

Let me give a personal example. If I see a White person walking on the street in front of my house, unless that person trespasses onto my property, I don’t give the matter a thought. If that same incident involved a Black person, I would have the reflexive reaction of “What is he or she doing in my neighborhood?” Another example, have you ever had the automatic verbal or internal response of “Gee, he sure does not sound Black”? I’m not proud of my reactions but they are real.

It is absolutely true that no white person can experience the daily profiling that occurs. No matter how successful in life, every Black dad or mom has to have the “talk” of how to act around a White police officer. Every Black person regardless of how successful has in effect had to start 20 yards behind a similarly qualified white person in life’s 100-yard race. Most white people’s ancestors came here by choice in search of a better life. Black people starting in the early 17th century came here as property.

Here is food for thought:

  • Consider the reaction of government to the events of Black Lives Matter protests compared to the insurrection of Jan. 6 largely put on by White people.
  • Consider that Wisconsin still does not formally acknowledge Black History Month. Politicians like Robin Vos and Jim Steineke let the matter slide and when asked why offer no response.
  • Consider the actions of Republicans to suppress the scope of absentee voting and voting by mail for the implicit purpose of impairing the process for people of color — a modern day version of Jim Crow.

I have submitted this piece as a form of personal and public shaming. I need to take ownership. Though not a traditional Christian, I do believe that Jesus came not only to comfort the afflicted but to afflict the comfortable. Think about it.

Ken Kroenke, Shawano


If you did not get a chance to read the op-ed in the Shawano Leader, here it is:


“…with liberty and justice for all.”

How often have we said those words when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and not really thought about what the words really meant.  Being free within a society from the oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life is liberty.  It means civil rights and human rights.

Just behavior or treatment is justice.  It means fairness and equity.Since 1892 these words have been recited as an expression of allegiance to the flag of the United States and the republic of the United States of America.  However, the “for all” part of the pledge has never really applied to everyone. Continue reading

Who’s muddying the election year waters?

To the editor:

Although I agree with Wendy Gribben to a point — “government for the people” and “every vote is important” — I do believe we still have a big decision to make this election year.

“Vote your conscience.”

Now for the real problem. Mr. Watters is so quick to blame all these murders, yes, senseless murders, on our elected Democratic officials that he fails to look at who voted for the gun laws that are now in place.

Continue reading

Letter: State residents need to stand up for public education

To the editor:

The continued destruction of the public school system in Wisconsin needs to stop. The provisions of Act 10 eliminated teacher bargaining powers and effectively silenced their voices. Now reduced to second-class citizenship, these teachers would put their jobs in jeopardy if they made any strong protests in regard to the current reductions in public school budgets.

Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: Walker is Not Moving Wisconsin Forward

We are being bombarded by TV and radio ads promoting our next governor. The profusion of ads is the result of the Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling which allowed seemingly unlimited caps on campaign donations so today big money groups like the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Foundation and the Koch Brothers can attempt to buy elections. Walker’s campaign is using this money to flood the airwaves with negative ads against Mary Burke and half truths about himself. Too much of this money is from out of state. Continue reading

Author Refuses to “Stand With Walker”

There is a very real threat to the continuation of the tradition of family farming in Wisconsin if Governor Walker is reelected. The threat is that he is trying to give the hard earned use value assessment tax status to his wealthy out of state investors. In Walker’s first budget he inserted the policy change to allow non residents to own more than 640 acres of farmland. Fortunately, it was removed from the final budget. Outside investors will drive up farmland prices beyond the market prices. The prices of crops grown on the land will not be a factor in determining the price of the land. Farmers will not be able to afford to compete with these investors. Continue reading

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: “What does Walker stand for? “

I wonder what it is that the Scott Walker for Governor supporters believe that they are ‘standing with’. I suppose they believe that the Walker and Republicans in the state house believe that they really solved the core of the state financial dilemma by hard negotiations with the teachers union. I assert that they misled the public about who we need to compete with. Walker and the Republicans allies are competing with “we the People” and cooperating with the Takers of our wealth. Walker and his supporters are “standing on” false beliefs. Continue reading