Protest March for Racial Justice

If you didn’t have a chance to march with the 350 activists in the Shawano rally this week, here is a chance for you to show your convictions.  On June 7th a march starts at Leicht Memorial Park in Green Bay with sign making and opening remarks from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. The march will last until 2:00 pm.  Wear black and bring your mask. Continue reading

Vote in the Primary

It is important to make your choice for Supreme Court Justice in the Spring Primary on February 18.  Progressives Jill Karofshy and Ed Fallone are on the ballot along with conservative Justice Daniel Kelly. The two candidates with the most votes will be on the April 7th ballot.

February 19th Meeting

There will be two speakers at the 7:00 pm meeting at the Shawano Center.  Carlene Bechen, Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices will be joined by Dee Sweet who is the First Nation Organizer for the League of Wisconsin Conservation Voters.  Carlene will talk about her group’s efforts to get county boards to pass resolutions supporting Fair Maps legislation.  Dee is a part of a group the engages voters to protect Wisconsin’s environment.  She will be talking about strategies for getting an accurate 2020 census.

February Op-Ed on Voting Rights – The following op-ed appeared in the Shawano Leader.



The State Supreme Court election will have an impact on generations to come.  Important issues will be decided by who we elect for the next 10 year term. With the census quickly approaching, we need someone who cares about the integrity of our democracy.

We need a fair and impartial judge.  

  • Jill Karofsky is an energetic former state and local prosecutor who says she has the experience and values to get our Supreme Court back on track. 
  • Ed Fallone says he has the independence, fairness and integrity to be a justice.  He has taught future Supreme Court judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.
  • Judge Kelly was put on the court by Scott Walker.  He consistently makes legal decisions not based on the rule of law but based on what his right wing special interest backers want.

Contact your municipal clerk to vote early or get an absentee ballot.


7:00 pm
Shawano Civic Center

Our speaker will be Carlene Bechen who is the Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices.  She hopes to bring along a colleague of hers who is involved the census.

2019 Wisconsin Democrats State Convention

Photos from the 2019 Wisconsin Democrats State Convention held in Milwaukee WI. at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino on June 1 and 2. (Left to right:  Carrie Pitt, Governor Tony Evers, Jan Koch, Patty Luff, Denise Riley, Dan Weidner and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barns.)
(Left to right:  Patty Luff, Carrie Pitt, Jan Koch, Chuck Koch, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Dan Weidner and Denise Riley)


Due to the approaching snowstorm, Wednesday’s meeting has been cancelled.  

Our next meeting will be held on March 20th.  Speakers will be Julie Lizotte from NE Wisconsin Citizen’s Action and Morgan Norton who will talk about Judge Neubauer’s campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

If you would like to be a part of a team which will reach out to voters in the upcoming elections, there will be a Volunteer Leadership Conference on Saturday, March 2nd from 9 am – 5 pm at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake (W2511 WI-23, Green Lake, WI, 54941).

This will be an opportunity to network with other teams and receive training in volunteer recruitment, the VAN, and more! We will be talking about the Spring Voter Education Program and working to create action plans for Spring and the remainder of 2019. 

Space is limited, so please RSVP until 10 am on Feb. 25th. You can RSVP here.


February 20th
Shawano Dems’ Meeting
Shawano Civic Center
7:00 PM

We were hoping to have Judge Lisa Neubauer speak about her candidacy for Supreme Court Justice but unfortunately she had to cancel.  However, we will have an informative program.

Our speaker will be Barbara Mendoza, the Executive Director of the non-profit F.R.E.S.H Project, The projects mission is to increase the physical access to Food, create Resources where good food can be found, provide Educational events, increase food Security and bring about good Health. This project has been promoting community engagement to meet its goals.

February 15th
Senator Rob Cowles’ Listening Session
Shawano Civic Center
4:30-6:00 PM

This is a chance for you make your opinions known before the state budget is debated.

February 14th
WTCH-AM 960 & 96.1 FM Breakfast Club
8:00-900 AM

The Shawano Dems will be on the air.  The topic for this month is healthcare.  Below is an op-ed which will be printed in the Shawano Leader.


The private insurance market has had a strong hold on American’s healthcare for decades. 

Americans have had to deal with high deductibles, co-pays and no maximum caps in their insurance plans.   Patients who suffered from pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions have been denied coverage.

Americans have had to deal with high deductibles, co-pays and no maximum caps in their insurance plans.   Patients who suffered from pre-existing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions have been denied coverage.

Back in 2008 when the costs for healthcare insurance were skyrocketing, the Democrats in Congress felt the need to help those who couldn’t get the health care they so desperately needed.  Although they thought the best solution was a government single payer tax-funded plan, they compromised and settled for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which kept private insurance companies in the loop.

The developing countries of the world have better healthcare systems than the United States.  The Legtum Institute, a London based research institute, recently identified the top countries with the best healthcare systems.  The United States ranked 30th.

The quality of healthcare in the institute’s study was measured by three key components:  a country’s basic mental and physical health, health infrastructure, and the availability of preventative care.   Many of the countries with the best healthcare rankings had universal healthcare and required mandatory health insurance for all its citizens.

Government’s job is to fill the gaps when the private market isn’t meeting the needs of its people.  The ACA legislation allowed states to accept federal funds to help low-income individuals afford health insurance.  Up until now Wisconsin has not accepted the hundreds of millions in Medicaid funds for BadgerCare.  Accepting the available funds would be an important step to achieving healthcare for all.

Many Americans under 65 would like healthcare which has the benefits of Medicare.  In Wisconsin one plan could be a “Public Option” for both individuals and employers of large or small businesses.   According to Citizen’s Action, a promoter of the program, the cost would be less per person than private insurance.

Today there are many who face a constant threat of having their lives devastated by health disasters which could easily become financial disasters.  Many with pre-existing conditions are worried that they will not be able to get insurance in the future.   Everyone should have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that affordable healthcare will be there when it is needed.

Americans have said overwhelmingly that they don’t like our present healthcare system.  70% have said they would rather have a plan like Medicare for All.

Change can invoke fear.  There was resistance when the government first introduced the idea of Social Security and Medicare.

There might be some apprehension if we go away from private insurance’s domination of our healthcare.  But isn’t coverage for every American worth it?

Holiday Party

December 5th
7:00 pm
Shawano Civic Center

Everyone is invited. There will be food (including pulled pork sandwiches) and beverages.  If you have a special holiday treat you want to share, bring it.  We will also be having some fun with a trivia game. .We will be honoring our volunteers and electing officers for the next 2 years (Those voting must be members of the Democratic Party).

Yes, Wisconsin did have a Blue Wave.  We can celebrate taking control of our State capital.  You may not realize that we also voted by an 8% margin (54% of all votes) for Assembly candidates – a landslide.  However, due to gerrymandering we only got 35% of the seats. 

Continue reading

Contribute to the energy!

From Saturday November 3 until Tuesday evening there will be serious Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. 

  • On Saturday Beau Liegeois, Candidate for Congress, will be in Shawano from 11:15 am-12-15 pm.  He will be speaking in the back room of the Glas Coffee House at 11:15 and then proceed to Angie’s Main Cafe to shake a few hands.  From there he will go to the Dem’s Office at 105 Airport Road to fire up some canvassers and phone bankers. Stop by and give him your support.
  • More help is needed to make sure that we turn Wisconsin blue.  Some of the polls are tightening and we need to do all we can to make sure that we get Democrats out to vote. Canvassing and calling shifts will be on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm.  Call the office number 715-201-0809 between noon and 8pm on Thursday or any time during the weekend to sign up for one or more shifts.  Carrie can also be reached at 715-758-7918 on Friday.  Please leave a message if no one answers.
  • We hope to be celebrating on Tuesday night.  There will be a Democratic Watch Party at the Shawano Lake Golf Course from 8pm-12am.  Richard Sarnwick’s band, Lonesome Road, will be playing from 9:30-10:15.

Please help make Wisconsin a progressive state again by doing this together!