Amanda is a great candidate but she can’t get her ads on television until mid October unless she has more donations.  Like other counties in the 8th Congressional District, we have painted signs for her.  Donate below:

Amanda is spending every hour she can getting around the district to meet voters — with masks and good social distancing, of course!

Just last weekend we were out placing yard signs around the district so that voters know just how much support there is for Amanda.

And finally, we’re running digital ads to reach voters on an even wider scale. In fact, just last week, we released an ad featuring Amanda’s grandmother (you can watch it here).
All of these campaign activities are necessary to winning on November 3, but they all have a cost. And, since Amanda is refusing to take corporate PAC money, we rely on your support to buy gas, print yard signs, and run digital ads.
Right now, we’re looking to raise another $11,258 before the end of the quarter at midnight on Wednesday. Can we count on you to chip in $10 or $15 today?
If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


Amanda Stuck is a Wisconsin State Representative and working mom running to represent Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District. She’s running to make sure the voices of working families in Northeast Wisconsin are represented in Washington.

Shawano Dems Notes


We continue to get new items in our office located at the corner of Green Bay St. and Airport Rd. across from Perkins.  Look for the flags out front.  In addition to signs, buttons and bumper stickers we now have 3 x 5 flags and Biden garden flags.  Donations are appreciated.  Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm except for Thursday when we are open until 8 pm.  You could also get signs, etc. at our booth at Shawano’s Octoberfest this weekend.


Joe Biden’s website has information about his plans.  Click on “Joe’s Visions”.  You might be interested in reading about “The Biden Plan for Rural America.”


Register to Vote! Request Absentee Ballot! Update your Mailing Address!

Absentee Voters:  Return your ballot by Mid-October. Two Signatures are Needed: #1 Yours #2 a Witness

Go ONLINE to: Complete your entire request.

CALL your TOWN CLERKS now! They are ready to help you VOTE SAFELY and EASILY. Ask about polling hours.

Menominee County Clerk: Laurie Pecore – 715-799-3311, 715-799-3308

Shawano County Area Clerks:

  • City of Shawano – Lesley Nemetz – 715-526-6138, 715-526-6154
  • Village of Aniwa – Mary O’Neill – 715-218-2364
  • Village of Birnamwood – Lauri Klumpyan – 715-449-2001
  • Village of Bonduel – Michelle Maroszek – 715-758-2402
  • Village of Bowler – Kerry Breitrick – 715-793-4910, 715-793-4713
  • Village of Cecil – Teri Westerfeld  – 715-745-4428·
  • Village of Eland – Marnie Osterbrink – 715-253-2968
  • Village of Gresham – Judy Kristof – 715-787-3991, 715-851-0222
  • Village of Mattoon – Angie Copas – 715-489-3107
  • Village of Tigerton – Trisha Hoffman – 715-535-2262
  • Village of Wittenberg – Traci Matsche – 715-253-6063
  • Almon – Heather Matsche – 715-571-2561
  • Angelica – Connie Przybylski – 920-822-8191
  • Aniwa – Tammy Resch – 715-449-2351, 715-449-3116
  • Bartelme – Beth Grosskopf – 715-793-4491
  • Belle Plaine – Kristine R Vomastic – 715-524-2690, 715-460-3053
  • Birnamwood – Dennis L Knaak – 715-449-3212
  • Fairbanks – Jennifer Dzioda – 715-881-1751
  • Germania – Kathryn Breaker – 715-535-2970
  • Grant – Sarah Knaup – 715-851-1414
  • Green Valley – Janalee Jenerou – 715-745-2699
  • Hartland – Sharon Riehl – 920-619-7696
  • Herman – Lori Y Schmidt – 715-853-6853
  • Hutchins – Janice Fischer – 715-489-3403
  • Lessor – Katie Sprangers – 920-833-1377
  • Maple Grove – Kathy Luebke – 920-822-5414
  • Morris – Vicki Kennedy – 715-326-1602
  • Navarino – Judy Krull – 920-525-2597
  • Pella – Karen Habeck – 715-823-6259
  • Red Springs – Gwen Olsen – 715-787-3356
  • Richmond – Richard Stadelman – 715-526-6527, 715-526-6477
  • Seneca – Raymond Rigsby – 715-851-2251
  • Washington – Kara Skarlupka – 715-526-9150
  • Waukechon – Christine Prey – 715-853-1303
  • Wescott – Angela Vreeke -715-526-9755, 715-526-9853
  • Wittenberg – Linda Fletcher-715-253-3222, 715-253-3634

Voter Information brought to you by: Shawano Area Women’s Network

Visit Us At Our Shawano Office

The Shawano Democrats have a new Office this year. We are located at:

1404 E. Green Bay St. Shawano, WI (across from Perkin’s driveway)

Our current Office Hours are:

Tuesday: 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Thursday:  2:00 – 6:00 pm
Saturday:  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

The Shawano Democrat Office @ 1404 E. Green Bay St. Shawano.
Carrie Pitt may be there to Welcome you.
Visitors may be able to pick up a political sign for their favorite candidate, sign up to volunteer to work on the campaign or just talk politics. Come and visit us. (Note: We do encourage proper Coronavirus protocol.)
Our Democrats Wall of Fame.


We have an exciting week ahead.  The virtual convention gives everyone more opportunity to participate in the events.  The main link to the convention schedule and other events is

To find out who will be speaking each night go to Quick Links and click on Schedule.   Go to Menu and Watch to find out all the ways you can watch from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and many more.  There is an interfaith service at noon on Sunday.  Remember that all the times are in the eastern time zone.
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Read about the Wisconsin face mask requirement below.  The order takes place at midnight on Saturday, August 1st.


Biden yard signs can be picked up next week.  In Shawano the office is located at 1404 E. Green Bay St. across from Perkins’ driveway. Hours of operation are from 2-6 pm on Thursdays beginning August 6 and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm beginning August 8.  In the following weeks of August the office will also be open Tuesdays from 12-5 pm. 

Signs can also be picked up around the county by contacting the following individuals:

Bonduel:  Text Dan Weidner 715-250-1212

Gresham:  Call/Text Dea Bisley 715-853-6424

Wittenberg:  Call/Text Bill Switalla 715-253-2052

Marion:  Call Dan Mantsch 715-326-1245

We will also have signs for Amanda Stuck, Richard Sarnwick and Aaron Damrau.  


The next Weekend of Action is August 8-9.  Phone calls can be made from your home or the office.  Call Jan Koch at 715-296-6726 if you have some time to reach out to voters for a few hours



If you haven’t voted yet, please take these announcements into consideration. 

Tony Lee had just announced that he is a write-in candidate for State Senate District 2.  If he receives 1700 write-in votes, he will be on the ballot in the November election against Rob Cowles.  You can learn more about him by going to his Facebook page at “Tony Lee for State Senate” and looking for “My Story”.
Simon Moesch has announced that he is suspending his campaign for the 6th District Assembly seat.  He has decided to pursue a master’s degree in public administration at this time.  We wish him well in his studies and hope that he will bring his progressive views back to Shawano County.
On another note, the demand for Biden signs has been great.  The Shawano County Dems have ordered 275 signs to tide us over until a vice president is announced and signs reflecting that are available.  The signs on order should be arriving any day and an email will go out stating where they can be picked up.  


Voting at the polls could be a challenge this year.  Many municipalities have volunteers who are seniors.   This year because of their concern for their health, they may decide they don’t want to be poll workers.  Younger residents may be needed to step up. This is a paid position.


Poll observers will be needed to make sure there is no voter intimidation or suppression at the polls. A 90 minute virtual training by the Democratic Party will educate volunteers as to what to look for.  You need to be available from 7am to 8pm on Election Day.


If you are interested in either being a poll worker or poll observer, you can register for training at

Candidates Attend Shawano Dems July Meeting

Shawano County Dems virtual July 2020 monthly meeting.

Several area candidates attended the Shawano Dems July monthly membership meeting last night. The candidates were invited to the virtual meeting to speak about why they are running for their particular office and what their positions on various issues are if they are elected.

The first speaker was Ed Vocke. Vocke comes from a small business in the Minocqua area and is running for the State Senate seat in District 12.  He says he decided to run because he was tired of what Tom Tiffany was doing. He outlined four main concerns he has that he feels are important that affect the citizens of Northern Wisconsin:

  1. Clean Water and mining.
  2. Broadband Internet in rural areas
  3. Untie Healthcare from employment
  4. Nonpartisan redistricting

Our second speaker was Simon Moesch. Simon is 22 years old and decided to run to forward the voices of the younger generation in District 6 of the State Assembly.  Important issues to him include:

  1. Increase the minimum wage to $8.00 per hour
  2. Increase school funding
  3. Curriculum Reform in our schools
  4. Increase resources to our Veterans

The night’s last speaker was Richard Sarnwick. Sarnwick was a Medical Physician in our area and is also running for State Assembly District 6. He says he is running because: “He believes in having a Progressive Wisconsin again”. He believes Walker and the Republicans destroyed the Teachers Unions as well as other State Unions, had the Foxconn deal and refused the money for the high-speed rail system. Sarnwick’s concerns include:

  1. Healthcare – He would like to expand BadgerCare
  2. Rural High-Speed Internet, full coverage at an affordable price.

 Since he retired in January he says he can dedicate full-time to the position.

Note: The meeting opened up with the introduction of Aiden Johnson, Regional Communications Associate who spoke to the group about his duties and some of the plans for the future.

Klobuchar Withdraws From VP Consideration, Says Biden Should Pick A Woman Of Color

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., attends a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on police use of force earlier this week.
Tom Williams/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., says she is withdrawing her name from consideration to be Joe Biden’s running mate, calling on the former vice president to pick a woman of color.

“Since I endorsed the vice president on that joyful night in Dallas, I’ve never commented on this process at all,” she said on MSNBC Thursday night. “But let me tell you this after what I’ve seen in my state, what I’ve seen across the country. This is a historic moment and America must seize on this moment.”

For complete story please click link: NPR Wisconsin Public Radio