Gov. Evers’ leadership in the face of the SCOWIS Decision

The fallout from the Supreme Court decision last week that overturned Governor Evers’ Safer at Home order has been predictably chaotic. Because of the decision, Gov. Evers can’t put rules in place without sign-off from Republicans in the legislature, and the GOP announced that they don’t want any new rules— so now, individual counties and municipalities are being forced to put rules in place, creating a hectic patchwork of regulations in a time when clear guidance is vital. On top of all of that conservatives have threatened to sue local officials, too.
In the face of this obstruction, Evers is still taking decisive action using the powers available to him.

He has announced a $1 billion statewide effort to support testing, contact tracing, supplies, and resources for local communities through the CARES Act. Evers has also announced the Farm Support Program and Food Security Initiative to put food on Wisconsinites’ tables and financially support Wisconsin farmers who are so essential to the state. The GOP has proven that they don’t care enough about working people to work with the governor, so thankfully Governor Evers is continuing to lead despite their political games.

Sign for candidates safely at home

Due to COVID-19, the WI election commission recommends that candidates collect signatures for ballot access by mail. Our Wisconsin Revolution (OWR) is providing the public with a straightforward solution to find candidates and sign for them. CLICK HERE we’ll find candidates in your area and generate pre-filled nomination papers that you can print, sign, and mail.

Completed nomination papers can be returned to the candidate at the address listed on the form.

Our Wisconsin Revolution

Wisconsin became a national laughingstock when some knuckleheads bellied up to the bar after the Supreme Court struck down the state’s “safer at home” order.

The real embarrassment was the court ruling itself. State law in Wisconsin grants broad authority to the governor’s state health secretary to “close schools and forbid public gatherings in schools, churches and other places to control outbreaks and epidemics” and “authorize and implement all emergency measures necessary to control communicable diseases.”

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May and June, 2020 Newsletter


In the spring election a record number of voters cast absentee ballots contributing to the election of Jill Karofsky for Supreme Court Justice.  To keep everyone safe in the November election, it is recommended that voters request absentee ballots.  You can do that easily by going to or by requesting a form and then mailing it back to your municipal clerk.  You will need to submit a photo of your Wisconsin driver license or ID card.  If you have questions or problems, contact the Voter Protection Hotline at 608-336-3232 .  Now is the best time to complete the request.

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   There are several opportunities in March to volunteer before the spring election.  On Sat., March 14th a phone bank will be held at the Shawano Civic Center between noon and 3:00 pm.  Bring your cell phone or use a burner phone if available.  We need to find more volunteers to knock doors on March 21 and 28 and to “Get Out the Vote” on April 4th.  Let us know if you can help in any way.
   We want to have more progressive nonpartisan candidates running for office at the state and local level.  Spreading the word to vote for Jill Karofsky for State Supreme Court Justice is important.  If you are interested in putting up a sign, let us know.


   The 7:00 pm March 18th meeting at the Shawano Civic Center will feature some of the candidates running for county board.  District 1 Dan Poels and Nancy Cramer; District 3 Milt Marquardt and District 24 Bill Switalla have been invited to participate.  District 23 candidate Aaron Damrau can’t attend but has submitted his opinions on various topics. 


   The March op-ed will be about the influence of money in our politics.  The passage of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling in 2010 opened the flood gates to Political Action Committees (PACs) being able to spend as much money as they want to influence voter’s minds.  Unfortunately, representatives who accept PAC money are beholden to their contributors instead of to the citizens they represent.  Due to the grassroots United to Amend movement, states and municipalities are passing resolutions and referendums in support of a movement to get a Constitutional Amendment to reverse Citizen’s United.  Residents of the Town of Wescott have an opportunity to vote “YES” in a referendum on April 7th.
   April’s op-ed will be about Medicaid.  Wisconsin’s failure to accept funding and the Trump administration’s cuts have affected families’ healthcare.  Amanda Stuck, candidate for Congress, will be on the Breakfast Club on April 9th to further discuss this topic.


   This year the 6th and the 8th Congressional Districts will have a joint convention in Oshkosh on April 5th.  If you wish to be a delegate, text Dan Weidner at 715-250-1212.
   Those interested in being a delegate to the National Convention can start by submitting the form online at by April 17th.  Please keep in mind submitting this form only makes you eligible to attend the county level caucus which will be held on April 26th at the Shawano Civic Center.  Registration is from 1:00-2:00 pm. 
   Delegates selected from the county level caucus will go to the 8th CD Caucus on May 17th.  At the Congressional Caucus 6 delegates, 2 males and 2 females will be chosen to represent the 8th Congressional District in Milwaukee.
   Volunteers will also be needed at the Convention.  Sign up online at


March 12:  Listen to WTCH’s Breakfast Club from 8:00-9:00 am on 960 AM & 96.1 FM.
March 14:  Phone bank at Civic Center noon-3 :00pm.
March 18: 7:00 pm County Board Candidate Forum and Shawano Dems’ Meeting.
April 1:  Executive Committee Meeting 5 :30 pm,  Shawano Civic Center
April 7:  Vote in Spring Election! 
April 9:  Listen to Amanda Stuck on WTCH’s Breakfast Club from 8:00 am-9:00 am on 960 AM & 96.1 FM.
April 15:  Shawano Dems’ Meeting at 7:00 pm at the Civic Center.  Speaker to be announced.

Chair’s Comments

   What a difference a week can make from the narrowing of the presidential race to the unfortunate spread of the coronavirus.  It’s hard to turn off the news with so much going on.
   It is crucial that our vote is protected in the upcoming elections.  Attorney Steve Menard has volunteered to be our county liaison in case there are problems at polling places. But we also need poll watchers.  If you are available on April 7th and November 3rd, your help would be greatly appreciated.  You can sign up at The spring election is a chance to get your feet wet so you are a pro by the general election.
   The Dems like to help out where we can.  SAM25 will be selling brats and hamburgers at Charlie’s Red Barn on April 23 and 24.  If you are able to help, please call Connie at 725 -851-7252.

Vote in the Primary

It is important to make your choice for Supreme Court Justice in the Spring Primary on February 18.  Progressives Jill Karofshy and Ed Fallone are on the ballot along with conservative Justice Daniel Kelly. The two candidates with the most votes will be on the April 7th ballot.

February 19th Meeting

There will be two speakers at the 7:00 pm meeting at the Shawano Center.  Carlene Bechen, Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices will be joined by Dee Sweet who is the First Nation Organizer for the League of Wisconsin Conservation Voters.  Carlene will talk about her group’s efforts to get county boards to pass resolutions supporting Fair Maps legislation.  Dee is a part of a group the engages voters to protect Wisconsin’s environment.  She will be talking about strategies for getting an accurate 2020 census.

February Op-Ed on Voting Rights – The following op-ed appeared in the Shawano Leader.



The State Supreme Court election will have an impact on generations to come.  Important issues will be decided by who we elect for the next 10 year term. With the census quickly approaching, we need someone who cares about the integrity of our democracy.

We need a fair and impartial judge.  

  • Jill Karofsky is an energetic former state and local prosecutor who says she has the experience and values to get our Supreme Court back on track. 
  • Ed Fallone says he has the independence, fairness and integrity to be a justice.  He has taught future Supreme Court judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.
  • Judge Kelly was put on the court by Scott Walker.  He consistently makes legal decisions not based on the rule of law but based on what his right wing special interest backers want.

Contact your municipal clerk to vote early or get an absentee ballot.


7:00 pm
Shawano Civic Center

Our speaker will be Carlene Bechen who is the Fair Maps Organizer for Wisconsin Voices.  She hopes to bring along a colleague of hers who is involved the census.


Wed., January 29th
6:00 pm
Shawano Civic Center

The most effective way to communicate with fellow voters is to speak with them face-to-face.  Knocking on a stranger’s door may take courage but it can be easier (and even fun!) when you have had some training and some practice.

Nick Morgan will be giving some pointers that will help you to feel more comfortable as you canvas.  You will meet others who can canvas with you.

The 2020 elections will require lots of “boots on the ground” for Democrats to be successful. If you have felt a little shy about canvassing but have wanted to do your part to elect progressives, now is the time to get involved.

The first Day of Action is February 8th (60 days from the April 7 spring election).  If you can’t make it at that time, there will be other opportunities to talk to voters.

Please come and bring a friend! 
Refreshments will be available.