Shawano Dems Update 10/29/2020

To those of you new our email list and those of you who aren’t used to getting more frequent emails than would normally occur, remember that it is an important time to be informed.  The next few months are quite  unpredictable.  It may be necessary to  stand up to do what we can to protect our democracy.   Please stick with us as navigate what lies ahead. 


We have lots of free Biden signs left.  Show your support in the last few days by picking up several signs to fill up your yard.  We also have cardstock signs for those without a yard.  

On Wednesday, November 4th we will be collecting your yard sign wires at the office.  Please throw away the sign but leave the wires outside our office before 6:00 pm.  If you can’t make it by 6, please store your wires until the next election.

All larger signs that we placed in your yard will be picked up sometime next week.

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Only 9 Days Left!

With only nine days before the polls close I want to stress the importance of this election.  It’s not just a race between Democrats and Republicans this time.  It’s an election which will determine the direction of our country for the next four years and beyond.

We’ve all sensed the division around us.  Some of us have been afraid to put a Biden sign in our yard or a banner on our house.  Some of us no longer talk to people we used to call friends.  Some of us can’t sleep at night because we are worried about the outcome of this election.  All of us can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.  We want a country that values sharing, decency and compassion for others.

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Where’s the Trump Health Care Plan?

There’s a reason Donald Trump has never produced a health care plan that protects citizens from injury, health issues; and those with preexisting medical conditions.  The GOP simply wants health care systems that are cheaper; provide insurance companies more net profits, and stock market gains to his rich friends who invest in them.

Any thought of an alternative Affordable Care Act (ACA) that Republicans have offered relies on eliminating most ACA provisions that would suggest a greater risk and cost sharing between healthy and sick citizens.  Simply put, reducing protections for patients with great health care needs does not bother GOP leadership.

Republicans talk of reducing premiums and rolling back protections, including preexisting conditions.  America deserves more than talk.  Continue reading

Biden has real plans for Health Care

Yes, candidate for President Joe Biden has one.  President Trump?  No, he has a “Trust me.  I’ll get ‘it’ to you after the election.”  Sad.

Joe Biden has a plan.  It centers around reinforcing portions of the Affordable Care Act and improving access to care.  Whether one has coverage through an employer or has to purchase one’s own, there will be a “like-Medicare” (not present Medicare) option.

Some portions of the “public option” will be for those who don’t have Medicaid benefits that they may qualify for in another state.  It’s a great idea for evening the insurance playing field for those stuck in states that do not provide for their own citizenry. Continue reading